Proliphic Career Services specializes in advancing your career in the areas of resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and interviewing skills.  We also offer Career Development Workshops to encompass them all.  Workshops can be done either in person or via video conference, dependent upon the need of the client.  The career development programs are a year in length and are very detailed to accommodate the client’s needs to not only land the ideal career/job but also what to do after you get the job and the real work begins.

We are not only an independently owned agency but we are also veterans.  We fully understand hard work and determination required to reach a goal.  It should not be difficult to follow the career path of your dreams.  It should not cost you thousands of dollars to do so.  We know how it takes money to make money.  The decision to hire someone, or a company can be a difficult decision to help you assist you on the journey of finding and landing the career of your dreams and stay within budget.

Proliphic Career Services has more than 20 years of experience.  Licensed in 2020 and headquartered out of Georgia.  Proliphic Career Services is 100% founder-owned and highly affordable.  Our sharp-mined team is both professional and personable.   Given the diversity of the staff with a wide variety of backgrounds/experience, this makes our team creative, technical and great strategist to support your wildest career endeavor. 

Davida Billingsley, Owner and Founder of Proliphic Career Services.  She gained experience from her 20+ years of active duty service in the military and her active involvement in the civilian community.  She is a member of the Black Chamber of Commerce of Augusta.  She began helping individuals and companies in the area of career development in 2001 and has been doing it ever since.  Her civilian and military experience brings a variety of experience to her team and future clients.   Her services have been utilized throughout the United States Military.