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Holistic Career Coaching

BUILDING A HOLISTIC CAREER USING MORE THAN JUST YOUR “JOB” SKILLS How to figure out the skills and expertise you have outside of your work experience The first step to identifying the skills or expertise you possess starts with knowing where to look. The best recommendation I can give it to start by looking at the things you enjoy doing. While you [...]

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Do This in Your Interview

Do this in your interview! -Make sure you have a good lighting -Make eye contact -Do hand gestures (it plays an important role in communication, helping you emphasize or reinforce key points and words) smile Always remember to show up 15-30 minutes early.  It will give you the opportunity to shake the jitters off before your big show. -Proliphic Career Services  

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What Makes A Summary GREAT!

The Professional Summary section is a crucial part of the resume. A well-written summary captures the reader’s attention and positions the client as a strong candidate while distinguishing the client from others in the job market. What are the key parts of a summary? A headline that identifies your client’s current job or target job. An optional sub-headline or skills line that [...]

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LinkedIn’s Influence On Us

A well-written LinkedIn profile will give you credibility and will establish you as a trustworthy potential employee.  Every time a recruiter contacts you, you can be sure that they have looked at your LinkedIn profile.  Your LinkedIn profile will act as a validator in that you are a real person, and not someone who’s resume is too good to be true. LinkedIn [...]

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Who Are We?

Proliphic Career Services specializes in advancing your career in the areas of resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and interviewing skills.  We also offer Career Development Workshops to encompass them all.  Workshops can be done either in person or via video conference, dependent upon the need of the client.  The career development programs are a year in length and are very detailed to [...]

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